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Title: How to Tip in 2023 Guidelines for Common Services

While 15 to 20 percent is a general guideline, it`s not always clear when or how much to tip. Here`s a concise guide to help you navigate tipping in 2023.


For regular service, tip 10 percent of the bill.

For exceptional service, aim for 15 to 20 percent.

Check for automatic gratuity on the bill.


Tip $1 per beer or wine, and $2 per cocktail.

For open bars or special deals, tip for each drink.

Coffee Shops:

Tip 10 to 15 percent, or about $1 for drip coffee.

Delivery Drivers:

For food delivery, tip around 20 percent.

Consider more for adverse conditions or large orders.


Tip hotel porters $2-$3 per bag at basic hotels, $5 per bag at luxury hotels.

For room service with gratuity, add 10 percent.

Without gratuity, tip 20 percent of the meal price.

Housekeeping: $3-$5 per day for 1-3 people, $10 per day at luxury hotels.


Research tipping customs in the destination country.

Tip in cash and the local currency.


Wait staff: $20-$50 per server, more for the captain.

Bartender: About $20 per hour.

Wedding planner: Up to 20 percent of their cost or refer new clients.

Salons and Spas:

Hair stylists/barbers: Tip around 20 percent.

Massage therapists: 15 to 20 percent.

Consider tipping manicurists 20 percent per nail tech.


Limousine driver: 10% to 20% of the fare.

Taxi driver: 15% to 20% of the fare.

Ride-sharing: 10% to 20% of the fare.

Child Care:

Babysitters: 15% to 20% of the total.

Nannies/Au pairs: Year-end bonus of one to two week’s pay.


Tip depends on factors like the complexity of the move.

Tip each mover individually.

Remember, tipping is a crucial part of some workers` income, so it`s essential to tip appropriately. If service is lacking, consider addressing your concerns with the service provider before opting for a small or no tip. While these guidelines provide a solid foundation, tipping can vary, so always be mindful of the specific circumstances and your level of satisfact